“I want to thank you for all you’ve done for John.  He is so much more focused and confident then I’ve ever seen him. This new attitude is spilling over into everything he does…school, chores, everything. Thank you!”
J. D. 
Jack's Dad 

“I wasn’t sure about martial arts for my daughter but she just loves it.  I don’t think everyone realizes how the martial arts are really about self-control and personal strength. It’s not violent at all.”
N. D. 
Brooklyn's Mom 


"I want to express great appreciation for your efforts in making a better quality of life for those who have limited resources to live in a clean and healthy environment. Your time, monies and emotional energy have been well spent on the projects I\'ve seen. Community involvement is vital, as it gets people to think beyond themselves and focus on the needs of others and it can become contagious to people wanting to make our neighborhoods a better place to live."
- Jerry Bowman Shreveport City Council District G